Barnyard Bliss Combo Mark Vert K

Event Checklist

Bartenders: A Licensed & Insured Bartender is required if you serve any alcohol. We can provide you with recommended vendors that fill this requirement.

Music: Music is allowed until 10:00 pm, which results in the latest departure time from the premise no later than 12:00 am.

Alcohol: Beer and Wine, Champagne, Wine Coolers and Hard Seltzers, etc.; hard liquor is not allowed on the property and all alcohol must be served by the bartender.

Banquet Permit: WA State Liquor Control Board Banquet Permit is required by the state for the service of alcohol.

Wedding Rehearsal: Each wedding includes a ceremony rehearsal. We will schedule your date and time for this 14-31 days prior to the wedding. Normally, this reservation will happen 1-2 days prior to your wedding. You also have the option of having the rehearsal the “day-of” upon arrival by adding it to the beginning of your day.

Setup & Cleanup: We take care of setting up all Barnyard Bliss furniture and amenities prior to your arrival and tear-down at the end of your night – including trash removal. All you have to take care of is collecting and taking home your personal belongings, any leftover food, and your cards & gifts.

Insurance: We require General Liability and Cancellation/Postponement Insurance policies – this protects you from things out of your control! We can provide recommendations for this requirement.

Booking Process: To secure your date when booking with Barnyard Bliss, you’ll need a $500 down payment and a signed contract. All other funds are due no later than 4 months prior to your wedding date.